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Cultivated Professionals is here to provide you with the necessary tools to guide you along with your job search and get your resume recognized by the Recruiter.

We understand the job search can be a difficult race and at times may seem mentally overwhelming.  We are here to alleviate the stress to make it a smoother transition for you.


The Founder, Judi-Ann, has birthed Cultivated Professionals from her own experience as a disgruntled Job Seeker, possibly like yourself, turned Human Resources Recruiter.  She is a Certified Human Resources Professional who has been in the field of Human Resources for over eight years. She devoted six of those years in Recruiting working in various industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Banking, and Non-Profit Social Service Agencies.  As a result, she has had the opportunity to review many resumes and conduct interviews for a variety of candidates in various fields. It was during this time that she noticed there was a need of support for candidates. She witnessed the struggle many job candidates faced in highlighting their skills both verbally and on paper. Judi-Ann not only wanted to help candidates on their job search but within resume support to highlight their skillsets, accomplishments, effective interviewing skills, and finding their ideal career path. ⠀⠀


As a recruiter Judi-Ann felt her reach was limited, in how she was able to fulfill a need, that’s she saw unmet.  Prior to her career in Human Resources, she had her fair share of terrible resumes, struggling through interviews, and unable to find the confidence to secure a potential job offer on her own journey.  She experienced going on at least 40 interviews before even securing an offer. Yes, you read that correctly 4-0! Persistence is the name of the game. She persevered through a recession. When many of her college colleagues struggled to find a job, she managed to secure one.


Once she was able to narrow down her resume and figure out how to ace the interview process, she was able to secure a role with ease.  She discovered a need that wasn’t just a need for her but could help many others like you. The successful tools she used to secure new opportunities of her own, as well as her insight and niche as a recruiter, has allowed her clients to level up in their career journey and she can do the same for you.

Cultivated Professionals is focused in supporting young professionals and college graduates on the job search journey, find focus within their careers by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in their job search.

About Cultivated Professionals.... 

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